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Fear is necessary, but ...

Without fear we would not last very long.

By definition – Fear is an intensely unpleasant emotion or thought to recognizing or perceiving danger or a threat.

However, it is important to know WHAT to fear. Without fear we would jump off of high places, fight wild life animals, run free on the highway – basically, put ourselves in un-necessary risk. Luckily, we know better and we understand the danger and how fear is actually there to protect us and having the instinct to overcome and survive.

FEAR becomes crippling when it creeps up on us as it is perceived as a threat – when it's not an actual threat.

These fears prevent us from GROWING, COMMUNICATING, experiencing personal and professional DEVELOPMENT.

It is holding us back from making life changing decisions!

Those include better career, better relationships, better self care. We may miss opportunities due to lack of taking action – which is the BIGGEST reason to why we are NOT where we want(ed) to be.

You cannot afford to keep wasting your time feeling afraid, can you? It is costing you TOO MUCH!

Get in control of your life. Discover what determines your success or failure. Learn to say "I can" and feel great about it.

It's time to put yourself on the top of your priority list and say enough is enough. You deserve better. You deserve more. Your time is NOW! Give yourself the greatest gift of renewed hope and have the most epic year yet!

For a limited time, you can Buy One Get One Coaching Session for FREE, but ... you have to take action NOW.

Yes, I deserve better. Let's book my sessions.

During our two sessions, you will learn how to:

Recognize the types of fear, what it means and how to deal  with it.

You'll receive the tools you need to experience a successful transformation.

Be true to yourself

How may times did you find yourself saying or doing something that was the opposite of what you really wanted to do or say? Did you ever ask yourself why? You'll learn exactly how to stop this deconstructive pattern.

Make bold decisions

Ever felt stuck, unfulfilled, maybe limited? Imagine what you could be doing if you decided to step into your own power and kick fear aside? You will get to experience and learn the mind hacks & techniques to allow you to do that!

Embrace change

Where would you be right now if the fear of change did NOT hold you back? Most of our “normal ways” of doing or NOT doing things come from our past. Together we will shift them to serve YOUR present and future!


YOU AND I BOTH KNOW THAT you've experienced a certain level of doubt, and anxiety on your personal journey to overcome fear.

You may have even decided to pretend that your life is PERFECT the way it is to avoid facing any consequences, out of fear. It is easier. For now, a day, week, a month .... BUT, you and I both know that deep down you're NOT happy and you wish things could be different.

I am here to teach you that things CAN be different.

It is critically important that you position yourself and your thoughts to totally understand your reactions, emotions and feelings, and what they mean to respond appropriately and ensure your COMPLETE success.

2 PERSONAL COACHING SESSIONS AND SUPPORT for the price of 1 is your opportunity to finally get ahead FOR GOOD, with me right by your side.

Let's do this!

I'am Your Rapid Growth Life Coach

Meet Keren Zani, Founder of Mind Freedom

For as long as I can remember, people I met were drawn to me and felt safe & comfortable to open up and share their challenges, fears and deepest secrets. This all lead me to the realization that I have a very special gift – I am a true empath - a person who is highly attuned to the feelings and emotions of others, their ability to discern what they are feeling goes beyond empathy.

Hi, I’m Keren, and I am here to help you achieve your goals. Anything you want to accomplish in your life, personally or professionally, starts with you. Your ability to master your very own mind, way of thinking, your belief system, your behavior, the way you communicate – it will ALL determine how your life will unfold. YOU are the captain of your ship!

Yes, it will work.

Together we'll go deeper than the surface, set SMART goals to help you thrive, maintain emotional balance and stay the course.

Are you really fine?

Putting a smile on your face, doesn’t mean you’re happy. We'll touch on every aspect of your life to establish overall emotional balance.

Have you read the books yet?

You bought the books for a great reason, didn't you? Growth requires accountability, focus and a plan. We'll create this plan and reinforce it. 

Your happiness - is it not worth the time?

Change doesn't need too long to make. It can be instant with a lot of ripple effects. Staying in the same place in 2022 is not an option and you know you're ready!

Not ready to accelerate your journey to a life free of fear? See what others are saying about working with Keren.

My life was turned upside down...

 I went through a traumatic event in my life and had no idea how to deal with it. Then, I was diagnosed with Breast cancer which, turned my life upside down. I took care of my physical health with conventional medicine. Knowing I needed to take care of my mental and emotional health, I began working with Keren. She helped me find ways to cope. Keren’s expertise was invaluable. I learned so much about myself through her guidance. Keren used many different techniques to help me navigate positively through my journey. I am and will continue to be eternally grateful for all that I have learned. These lessons will continue to be of use in my future. Thanks to modern medicine and working with Keren, I am happy to say I am now cancer-free and healthy physically and emotionally. 

                                 ~ Client H.

I now have strong focus in my business...

I’ve been working with Keren for two months in her business coaching program. Keren helped me identify a strong focus in my business and helped me to really key in on my goals. Being an entrepreneur and starting my own business is tough! It’s nice to have someone like Keren in my corner to guide me. Since working with Keren I’ve signed a monthly recurring client as well as taken on 3 new projects!


                                 ~ Sarah Cornblum

I am super picky about who I endorse!

For those who are contemplating working with Keren Zani, I highly recommend her services! She not only showed excellence in her ability to surrender to her own transformation, but she proved that she has what it takes to get anyone from where they are to where they want to be, fast! Even still, I’m super picky about who I endorse! 


                ~ Amy C

A success story ..

For over 25 years, I have been the best employee I can be and delivered great results for the companies I worked for through out the years. In the last year at my job, I felt frustrated with myself that I was working so hard and putting so much effort into work and still not making any extra money or getting the promotion I deserved – It took me about a year to decide to quit and follow my own passion and started my own business, I was afraid of not having the steady paycheck, scared I might fail at the business and have to deal with the embarrassment of going back to work, I was petrified of having to make ALL the decisions – what if I’ll make the wrong ones? So, the fear outweighed the courage to quit until I realized that the fear was what’s holding me back from living my own personal dream life. I am smart and very capable – why not continue to work as hard, if not harder – FOR MYSELF?! I did and I could not be happier!


This offer is for YOU if...

  • You are READY to take action in order to live the life you want

  • You've been RUNNING IN CIRCLES - all the time and effort you've put into creating a better future hasn't produced the results ..... yet.

  • You are TIRED of letting fear dictate your life's journey, preventing you from creating a successful and happy life

Do you really really really want to pull the plug on your old, unhappy life, but .... 

Living your dream life – is literally just a dream to you.

Other’s opinions, desires & dreams are more important than your own.

Taking action, making changes is something you avoid at all costs.

Most people FAIL because they don't have the tools to assess themselves accurately.

You must take BOLD action to be the best self, to free yourself of limiting beliefs.

You must be OPEN to change.

Give yourself a chance. Learn to live your life on your terms. 

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